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it started at a music festival, like all good things do...


Thom & James Elliot were creating a storm in the street food world with Pizza Pilgrims when they were placed next to Chase Distillery at a music festival in 2014.  A few swops of Neapolitan pizza for G&T's were all it took to discuss the lack of good limoncello in the UK, and perhaps a few more sips before it was a good idea to take the challenge upon themselves.

All good limoncello starts with it's lemons, and the worlds finest were required.  Amalfi, with its rich, fertile soil and temperate climate was the only place to find such beautiful citrus fruit, and an extraordinary twist of luck led the team to the Aceto family farm of Amalfi Town.  

Luigi & Salvatore Aceto, sixth & seventh generation lemon farmers, and proud of the quality of every lemon that ships from their grove.  A casual 6,000 were shipped to Herefordshire and peeled, distilled and bottled with the finest spirit, made in England.

Now, to re-invent limoncello.  No longer shall we see luminous yellow, free after-dinner shots.  Instead, we shall enjoy the finest of the Italian digestifs, enjoyed ice-cold.  We shall add it to spritz's, cocktails, or simply add tonic-water. 

From now on, lemons give us life!

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